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Bhelpuri   5 (V)

Puffed rice, chickpea vermicelli, peanuts, chopped onion, diced mango, cilantro and drizzled with tamarind chutney

Kale Pakora Chaat   7 ​(V)

Kale chips, spicy garbanzo, tamarind, mint, yogurt

Mix Pokora   5​ (V)

Assorted fresh veggies deep fried in batter

Samosa​   ​5 (V)

Spiced potatoes and green peas in hand rolled pastry  (2psc)

Samosa (Chat)​ ​   7 (V)

Amchur potatoes and green peas in hand rolled pastry topped with chat and dry aged peas

Lahsooni Gobi   8 ​(V)

Crispy cauliflower, tomato-garlic chili chutney

Sabji Manchurian   8 (V)

Cabbage, cauliflower and carrot fritters in hot cilantro garlic sauce

Paneer Chilly   ​9​ ​(V)

Cubes of cottage cheese, bell peppers, onion in chilly and garlic sauce

Mushroon Chilly   8​ (V)

Cubes of fresh mushroom, bell peppers, onion in chilly garlic sauce

Shamudri keckra   12

Coconut Lemon Sauce – Gooseberry Beet Patties

Chicken Lollipops   8

Marinated fried chicken wings in tomato garlic chilly sauce

Jhinga Manchurian   9

Crisp shrimp in hot cilantro and garlic sauce

Chilly Chicken   8

Cubes of chicken, bell peppers, onion in chilly garlic sauce

Rajasthani kabab   8

Hot and spicy tandoori grilled chicken kebab

Mint Scallop   12

​Scallop grill with olive oil ,black pepper and mint sauce

Momo Dumpling (6 psc )   9

Chicken Dumplings with sesame Chili sauce


Kutchumber   6

Chopped cucumbers, red onions, tomatoes, and chick peas tossed With mango vinaigrette

Tandoori Salad   8

Mix green salad, Julienne chicken kebab tossed with passion fruit and vinegar

Spinach & Chips   6

Boiled spinach mixed with cheddar cheese and mix green salad

Caesar Salad   6

Romaine lettuces with red wine sauce,garlic clove and mustard egg


Tomato Soup  5

Simmered with fresh crusted spice

Mulligatawny Soup   5

Traditional lentil soup with blend spice

Chicken Soup   5

Chicken with classic flavor with Onion, ginger, and garlic


Vegetarian Burger​   ​8 ​(V)

Home made patties made with chickpeas, cauliflower, green beans and spices

Lamb Mint Burger   9

Kabab spiced Ground lamb patties, onion lettuce, tomato and American cheese with mint sauce

Chicken Mint Burger   9

Ground chicken patties, onion lettuce, tomato and American cheese with mint sauce

Tandoori Garlic Wings (7 psc )   8

Tandoori Buffalo Wings (7 psc)   8


(served with mint chutney and Spicy Sauce)

Chicken Malai Kabab   15

Mild sour cream and yogurt marinades boneless chicken cubes

Tandoori Chicken   14

Half chicken marinades, yogurt, garlic, cayenne pepper

Chicken Tikka   ​15

Ginger, garlic and cayenne marinades boneless chicken cubes

Paneer Tikka ​  12

Soft, juicy chunks of paneer marinated in Tandoori masala and then grilled with veggies

Lamb Chops   23

Farm raised lamb chops, yogurt, chilli, turnips

Reshmi Kebab   13

Skewered ground chicken, spiced with garam masala, onion, ginger and cilantro.

Fish Tikka   17

House blend spices in yogurt marinades

Tandoori Duck   26

Duck Breast slowly cook in clay oven with black pepper and red wine

Tandoori prawns   17

Ginger, garlic and cayenne marinades prawn

Achari tikka   15

Pickle chicken and dry spices cooked in clay oven

Sheekh Kebab   16

Ground lamb with cumin, coriander, mint & cilantro, skewered in Tandoor

Mint ke Shaan    21

Platter of assorted tandoori kebab
Includes: chicken tikka, seekh kebab, shrimp, boti kebab, tandoori chicken, and fish

Desi Fare Dishes

You make your own dish.
Choose one protein and one sauce!

All dishes are served with freshly steamed basmati rice.




Dhaba Murgi Curry   16

Bone chicken cooked in our mild spicy curry sauce with onion, garlic

Paneer/Aloo/Chana/Mushroom Saag   14

Pureed garlic spinach with the choice of, cottage cheese/potato/chick peas or mushroom

Baigan Bhurtha   14

Charcoal smoked eggplant smashed and cooked with tomatoes and green peas

Bhindi Masala   14

Slow cooked okra with roasted crushed spices

Paneer Kurchan   15

Shredded Paneer cheese in tomato butter sauce

Malai Kofta​   14

Vegetable balls fried and cooked with delicious gravy topped with sour cream.

Aloo Mattar​   13

Potatoes and green peas cooked in thick curry sauce, with fresh tomatoes.

Kadai Paneer​   14

Indian cheese cooked in our special Indian style, spiced and sautéed with fresh tomatoes, onions and green pepper, served in hot pot.

Chole Bathura   15

Spicy chick peas and deep 2 fried naan bread

Aloo Gobhi   13

Slow cooked diced potatoes & cauliflower

Daal Makhni   13

Black lentil, kidney bean, chickpea, tomato cream sauce

Yellow Daal Tadka   13

Masoor, channa, toor daal, green chilli


Garlic parmesan naan   4

Naan filled or topped with garlic & Parmesan cheese

Tandoori ​Naan   3

Unleavened bread baked in clay oven

Tandoori roti   3

Whole wheat bread

Chili cheese kulcha   4

Naan filled or topped with cheese & Desi chilli

Fingerling potato paratha   4

Paratha topped with fresh mint and pomegranate

Mint Basil Naan   ​4

Naan filled or topped with Mint

Fluffy Puri (2 psc)  5 

Deep fried puffy bread

Bread Basket   12

​Combination of onion, garlic,potato naan


Slow cooked basmati rice with fresh herb, cardamom, fried onion,mint and saffron.

Shrimp, lamb, goat​, chicken   16

Vegetable biryani   14

Egg fried rice   12


Raita 2.50

Carrots, cucumber and tomato with chilled yogurt

Masala Papad 2.50

Fried chickpea pastry – Spicy tomato, onion and cilantro salsa

Hot Masala Fries

(French Fries) Cayenne infused fries. X Medium, XX Hot or XXX (Hot Challenge 4)


Ice Cream 5

Choice of Mango – Sweet Dream

Rasmalai 5

Cottage Cheese Patties – Sweet pistachio flavored milk sauce

Gulab Jamun4

Deep fried milk balls in honey syrup

Cardamom Sponge 6

Milk jam, cardamom shrikhand, candied almonds

Swiss roll ice cream cake 5

Mango Cheesecake 5

Chocolate Lover 5

Hot chocolate with Titos Vodka

Ma’s Rice Pudding 6

Candied almonds, puffed rice, caramelized banana

After Dinner Drink

featuring Somrus Liqueur

Somrus Chai 5

Somrus served warm with masala chai


Lassi Salted      $3.50

(Yogurt drink salted and spiced with crushed cumin seeds)

Lassi Sweet     $3.50

(Yogurt drink sweetened with sugar and rose water)

Mango Lassi     $3.50

Mango Juice     $2.95

Spiced Tea or Coffee     $2.50

Iced Tea     $2.50

Soft Drink     $2.50

(Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale, Tonic Water, Fanta, Spirit & Lemonade)